When you choose to buy any printed product or design from Zapista, you are making a difference for the environment. For every tree used in the production of
prints sold, we plant two new ones! The trees that are planted contribute to a more fertile soil, which in turn supports agricultural production.
They also provide food, protection against erosion, building materials, and much-needed shade for livestock and humans.
Furthermore, all printed material created by Zapista are printed on environmentally-certified paper. This means that the paper is produced from trees
originating through responsible forestry that takes people and the environment into consideration.

The wood in our frames is harvested in compliance with the EU Timber Regulation. This means ascertaining where the wood used in the frames
comes from and following the process as closely as possible in order to prevent illegal logging and to ensure that the entire chain complies with
EU regulations. Our wood frames are made from timber originating in the USA and Canada, which are considered low-risk countries. Thanks to
these measures, you can rest assured knowing that we operate responsibly and comply with laws and regulations.